Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2016. szeptember 25., vasárnap

International IKARUS Bus Meeting - 07.05.2016 Tapolca, Hungary

Text: Béla KOVÁCS, photos: Béla KOVÁCS & Bálint BALÁZS, video: Gabriella
I’ve been preparing for a while to publish the report of my friend Béla about the the International Ikarus Bus Meeting in spring, but I was busy in summer. But as we went to another one in September, it’s time to post in on the blog. The delay had an unexpected advantage: I met Bálint Balázs, who enriched the report with interesting pics: he captured as a bus of the Budapest Public Trasport Company used the ferry boat on Lake Balaton during its way back to the capital. It wasn’t the shortest route, but its driver, Róbert LAJOS likes when his bus sees the world. :-)  It might have been the first time in history and provided an extraordinary spectacle for the passengers.
Please welcome Béla's story.

The first International Ikarus Bus Meeting was held at Tapolca, Hungary on 7th May 2016. The parking area beside road 77 housed the event with great interest, where beautiful vehicles of public transport companies, private collectors, Hungarian and foreigner Ikarus owners were arriving from early morning. After the solemn opening ceremony, visitors could watch the exhibited buses inside and outside, and they could travel with the circle line sightseeing buses started in 5-10 minutes in the rest of the morning. The Rába Tr 3, 5 and Mávag Tr 5 recalled old times, but there were even more veteran vehicles. the public could see an Ikarus 31, a 311, a 630 and of course the legendary “Faros” (“Breech” in English) with its long-distance (’55) and city (’66) version. A real rarity was also there: the originally right hand drive Ikarus 258, manufactured only one item in 1983 and nine in 1985 for Mozambique order. The deal wasn’t finalized, so only the conference-bus was shipped, the others were changed to left hand drive (the exhibited one also) and sold in Hungary with type name 256.50E. Later a private person bought it and served at the municipalities of Túrkeve and Iván . Now a German man owns it. The Ikarus 284 has a similarly adventurous past, it started its career at the Pécs Public Transport Company, later it appeared at VT Transmann and a private collector, finally the Budapest Public Transport Company bought it. we can mention as other rarities the Ikraus 521 on Volkswagen undercarriage or the updated Ikarus 260 with unique appearance from the Budapest Transport Company. Former Ikarus professionals arrived with an E98.06 stylishly started from the former factory building located at Mátyásföld district, Budapest. A serious delegation came from Germany (where the brand still held in high regard) with a “Faros” from 1972 in original condition, a 211, more 250 and 280, a 258 and a conference bus. The visitors voted the most beautiful buses which were a 40 years old 281 from Szombathely with one-piece instrument panel and a still active 266 from Somló Volán Public Transport Company with leaf springs. The peak of the event was the early afternoon procession. The buses formed a considerable convoy going through the most picturesque part of the Balaton highland and after the 2 hours and 45 km, they arrived back to Tapolca. Many people were waiting for the buses along the road with cameras in their hand, the real fans followed them with cars to take many shots of their loved vehicles.

This venue will host this event in 2018 next time, and in every even-numbered year, but the brand’s fans can see the buses at Polgár, Hungary this year and at the Ikarus memorial day at Mátyásföld with expectedly similar experiences.

Completely original Ikarus 66 From Dresden, Germany, made in 1976

Freshly renewed Ikarus 266, owned by Budapest Public Transport Company - still asctive at the company

Ikarus 521 on Volkswagen undercarriage

Ikarus 280 from Budapest - owned by a private person

Ikarus 260

A real rarity: Ikarus 284 - made only 11 item from it

Ikarus 250 conference bus

Ikarus 266 - the type was part of the countryside landscape in Hungary for a long time - this one is still on duty

Ikarus 258.00 - made only 10+1in 1985 from this type

Ikarus 280.02 - made for German export


An oldtimer "Breech" and an Ikarus 256 behind him

Ikarus 260, made in 1990

Ikarus 266

Lonely rush

Ikarus 630 from a private owner

Ikarus 31 in morning shine

The Rába Tr 3,5 didn't arrived on its own wheels, bit it did its best on the 45 km long parade

This Ikarus 55 from Kisalföld Volán is the oldest one in Hungary

Rolling down


A beautiful vehicle with a picturesques background - Ikarus 55 from Kapos Volán Public Transport Company in Tapolca's center

Ikarus 311

Ikarus 55 from Győr

Bálint's pics of the ferry boat trip:

What the satellite tracking system of the bus showed on the ferry. Upper text: the bus is out of the service area, lower text: fictive bus stop :-D

Two videos to hear the buses' sound too?