Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2014. február 2., vasárnap

Good old days – my memories about the Monte Carlo Rally 2003

Text and photos: Gabriella

The season opener World Rally Championship race has took place recently in Monte Carlo. It came in to my mind in this context, that I was lucky to follow the events of this legendary competition on the spot as an accredited journalist in 2003. I was used to the world of Formula 1, so it made me surprised on my first WRC event, how people friendly is this sport. The competitors were chatting with each other jovially, taking photos with the fans, even, they asking for their help in the form of some car pushing, when they are slipping into the ditch.
The two service bases were in Monte Carlo and Gap (in the French Alps) and were rather similar to a cheerful camp, than a venue of a multibillion technical sport. But despite of high-tech the conditions needed real sportsmen. Just an example to it. Similarly to the half of the participants, I’ve also got a virus which caused high temperature with strong sickness, but I made the interviews, because the report had to be done. But it was nothing compering to the fact, that most of the drivers raced the whole demanding weekend is the same health state. As no food could stay in their stomach, they lived on isotonic drinks only, but even though they run superb times on the icy-snowy gravel stages – even in dark. I really respected the guys because of it. This is why it was awesome to speak with them.
Otherwise this was that age, when Sebastian Loeb had strong rivals (even within his team), like Marcus Grönholm, Carlos Sainz, Colin McRae or Petter Solberg. Since then, not just his main challengers, bit even himself has retired from WRC and unfortunately there are some who are racing in the special stages of heaven already. That’s why I decide to put my photos out of the drawer which I took there. Maybe some of you will be happy to see the legendary racing-drivers and his cars. So let’s see them! (Sorry for posting some not sharp pics, but they were taken with a film camera.)

Colin McRae at the press conference

It's me standing in front of the Casino of Monte Carlo

Part of Peugeot's camp, outside of the service park


Sebastian Loeb

An interview is made with Francois Duval from Ford

Some shots from the territory of Ford in the Monte Carlo service park 

Markko Martin is sitting in his car while the mechanics are repairing it. He was one the drivers who was racing ill during the race

The man in a baseball cap is Michael Park, Markko Martin's co-driver, who's died later in a race accident. It broke Markko's promising career because of loosing him, who was also a good friend

Assembly before the official race opening ceremony

On the way to Gap

Impression from a stage

Carlos Sainz

Subaru's show/spare car

Peugeot's race car

An unexpected meeting with Johnny Herbert who was one of my favorites in F1 (he was retired when we met)