Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2013. július 3., szerda

Volkel Airshow 2013 - 100th anniversary of the Dutch Air Force

Text: Gabriella, photos: Dudás Nándor Emil & Johann van de Kerkhof

The Dutch Royal Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary in a worthy and memorable way. Because they set such a parade, that we dropped off our chin. Even the locals’ modern fleet is amazing which consists only American-made aircraft: F-16, Apache, Chinook, KC-10, C-130. These types all have a role in the monumental airpower demo, which we show you in photos below.

Very aggressive and impressively well choreographed solo and team display shows entertained the audience. It is hard to highlight the bests of them, but the Finn Hornet with full throttle, the German Army’s Bo-105 against the physical rules, the Mirage 2000 duo’s (Ramex Delta Team) extremely tight formations, the Red Arrows’ unbelievably precise production amazed the most.

Major Szabolcs Varga (one of  the 2 Gripen demo pilots in Hungary) first display abroad was also enthralling. The Hungarian presence was surprisingly big, as beside the jet, an An-26 and a C-17 form Pápa Air Base also towered on the static row.

220.000 spectators altogether visited the event during the 2 days, in a 80.000-140.000 ratio which was perceptible, as the crows were doubled on the second day (Saturday).

I can mention only one thing what was unusual to me: the 90% of the static aircraft (except the big transporters) was behind the taxiway which was a closed area to the public, so we couldn’t walk around them and couldn’t take photos with them. But fortunately two excellent photographers were with me: Emil took photos from the press tribune of the iron birds in the air and Johann also did it but walking with me among the spectators. So I let to speak these first-rate shots instead of me hereinafter.

Emil's photos:

The Ramex Delta team

Swedish Viggen

The current Dutch F-16 demo pilot (his squadron is here at Volkel Air Base)

Hungarian Gripen with Major Szabolcs Varga

Polish MiG-15

Air refuelling simulation with two Dutch F-16 and a KC-10

The Red Arrows display team from GB

The Polish Su-22 pair

Dutch Chinnok flies a military Jeep

Bo-105 from the German Army

C-17 from Pápa Air Base, Hungary

Special formation with ten Dutch F-16 and a KLM civilian aircraft

More photos from Emil on his own site

Johann's pics: 

Part of the Frecce Tricolori Italian display team and some team members

Dutch Catalina

Aircraft from the Dutch Coast Guard
Dutch in tradition keepers in pilot uniforms from the I. WW

Bonus shots :-)

Emil and me at Eindhoven airport (first co-work abroad) photo: Krisztián Gazsó

Johann and me at Volkel /also first co-work abroad :-)/ photo: Mariet van de Kerkhof