Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2013. június 18., kedd

Something old and something new

Text: Gabriella, photos: Bilster Berg Drive Resort

A German reporter friend of mine, Thorsten mentioned to me, how good test and training circuit has built near to his residence in Bad Driburg, in Westfalia: the Bilster Berg Drive Resort. Later I saw his photos of the grand opening and I felt, that I have to show it to you. Because those 40.000 people who attended the really grand inauguration event and open day, could see touring and GT cars built before 1965, beside the many other programs. Among them: a Jaguar E-Type, an Austin 35, an Alfa Romeo GTA and a Bizzorini GT Strada as well.
The 4,2 km long, 10-12 m wide main circuit with 19 corners and 44 crests was designed by Hermann Tilke who is the spiritual father of many F1 tracks. The double world rally champion of the Germans, Walter Röhrl helped him with their ideas in it and although the circuit meets the FIA’s (International Motosport Association) strict rules, the owners momently don’t plan to hold a race on it. Most probably, prominent factories will use it for testing (who were also there with there exhibited street and race cars), but there are an off road track and a modern training circuit in the 84 hectares area of the complex as well.

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