Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2013. február 13., szerda

Johann and the world of speed

Johann van de Kerkhof is my favorite autosport photographer and a true friend of mine. We met at the Norisring DTM raceweekend in 2010 first. It has soon turned out, that we have common passions: jets & racing cars. He’s been working for for several years and taking his outstanding shots at DTM, ADAC GT and F3 races.
Now he created his own website which I would happily recommend to you. You can see some kind of a “best of DTM 2012” from his shots below. Check out his website for more and push a Like on it if the photos impressed you. This will enable you to see his newest photos on the website’s FB profile from every raceweekend in the coming season.
It can happen that we join our forces this year and you can read exciting reports with my text and Johann’s excellent pictures. About autosport or military aviation? Let it be a surprise ;-)


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