Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2013. január 15., kedd

The Dreamliner in Budapest

Text: Gabriella, photos: Nándor Emil Dudás

I got superb photos from Emil about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s first visit in Budapest. The aircraft was expected by Friday originally, but he stood there in the freeze with the other spotters in vain at the Liszt Ferenc airport. It happened, that the plane (owned by LOT) started the rolling on the asphalt of Warsaw airport, but the pilots noticed a failure at the last check, so it didn’t take off that day. Unfortunately it is not rare at this type nowadays, four serious incidents happened in the past two weeks and the American Ministry of Transport has already ordered the checking of the aircraft in use and even the revision of the plans.
But most importantly, the wonder plane has arrived finally on Saturday and thanks to the organization of, a group of spotters was allowed by Budapest Airport Ltd. to take pictures of its arrival from close and they could even watch its interior. So the photographers left the venue with real satisfaction. You can find a little taster from the result below, further pics can be seen on Emil’s blog:

Update: Because of another technical failure which led to an emergency landing, Dreamliners stay on the ground in Japan, India, Chile and the USA for uncertain time.