Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2012. december 23., vasárnap

Double jubilee – The tram and suburban train transport of Budapest is 125 years old

Text and photos: Béla Kovács

UV tram with Xmas decoration

Two decades after the appearance of the horse path, the first tram started at 28th November 1887 in the streets of the Hungarian capital. The 1 km long, 1000 mm gauge, bottom line tramway has built between the Nyugati railway station and Király street. The spreading of tram transportation started in 1889 and new lines were established in the following decades which enmeshed the whole capital. The length of the tramlines reached the 213,1 km altogether by 1967.
This special anniversary was commemorated with large-scale celebrations. We could meet the nostalgia trams with wooden framework from spring to fall at almost every weekend. Beside it, the FVV-linked tram (better known as the “Bengali”) also appeared in the city after 30 years and the faithfully renewed G-type locomotor (course number 2624) also introduced itself to the traveling public some weeks ago.
The nostalgia trams are spending their winter rest period presently, but the beautifully decorated UV tram is the inevitable part of the pre-Christmas streetscape of Budapest these days. 

436 locomotor

1074 locomotor

The "Bangali" on the Freedom-bridge in July

Jublilee UV tram

Unusual sight: connected TW 600 before the Nyugati railway station

The faithfully renewed 2624 on the Danube bank line (2) with the Four Seasons Hotel in the backgound (2012 November)

It was also 125 years ago, on the 7th of August 1887, when the first suburban train started. Although this anniversary was celebrated in a more modest way, but there were many spectacles too. The onetime M IX type’s color was transplanted to a currently running M IX/A train. The retro-painted train was running on different lines as a nostalgia vehicle and the M VIII locomotor was set up too after 11 years. 

The retro painted M IX/A locomotor in the Szentendre line

M VII in service again after 11 years on the Gödöllő line

 - We wish all of our  readers a very merry Xmas! -