Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2012. október 24., szerda

Ghost trams

Text and photos: Béla Kovács

These pictures were taken during the night transport of some old trams to another remiz on public transport trackways of Budapest.

Number 2806 Schlick „K” type locomotor was built around 1911, the 5600 series trailer was completed in 1929, while the transport’s youngest member, the number 5884 R5 trailer went into service in the beginning of the 50’s. These trams belonged to the street view of Budapest, they were withdrawn from passenger transportation between 1977 and 1981. Their calvary has begun after it, these rarities of public transport history were stored in different remises and garages in the past 30 years. We hope, that their current home is the last station before their restoration for museums and we can meet all of them as nostalgia vehicles in a few years.

(The photos were taken in 2012 July & October)