Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2012. szeptember 12., szerda

Athletes and soldiers

Photos: Krasznai-Nehrebeczky Mária (Hungarian Defense Ministry), text: Gabriella

I participated in a solemn event yesterday in the Stefánia Palace, Budapest. Beside the Olympic athletes who finished on the podium, those soldiers who reached excellent results at international sporting events (for example in taekwondo, bench and scuba-diving, mentioning just the most exotic ones) were also honored. As I have never had enough persistence to do any kind of sport regularly, I esteem the everyday efforts and ambition of real sportsmen/sportswomen. But there are some, who are serving their home country as a soldier, and prepare to the events beside this respectable profession. The military parachuters are among them and they were also honored. Three members of the national accuracy landing team received a medallion from Csaba Hende Hungarian defense minister: captain Tamás Bánszki, senior master sergeant Gábor Hirschler and staff sergeant László Orsy. It’s not widely known, that they are active in several other sports ensuring the necessary physical condition to parachuting; they are cycling, running marathons, skiing and one of them plays handball. They well deserved the appreciation, because in this season, despite the constant bad weather, they got two individual gold medals (Tamás Bánszky, Tamás Varga) and another gold medal in team. They are standing in fifth place in the teams’ classification one race before the finish, but it can easily be better by the end.

The honored parachuters with the gold medalist Olympic swordsman, Áron Szilágyi

László Orsy is receiving the medallion from the defense minister - Hungarian Olympic athletes is the background

The parachuters got this nice medallion