Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2012. május 8., kedd

Old Mercedeses at Budajenő

Photo: Helen, text: Gabriella

The Hungarian Mercedes Classic Rally 2012 participants have overpassed Budajenő last Friday. Helen and I were there and documented this special event in photos. We met many friendly competitors, who started to flashing, tooting and waving as they recognized, that we are taking pics. There was a checkpoint in the street above the cellars, but many couldn’t find the unmarked road which leads there first. As I noticed, those driving pairs, where a lady was the co-driver have found it immediately. As the rally's topic was the 60th anniversary of the SL class's birth this year, most of the field were this kind of Mercedes. Even those SL cars which are very far from the veteran age were also allowed to participate this time. Here are the photos:

You can find the complete photo gallery here: