Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2012. február 1., szerda

Oldtimer cars in Fort Monostor

Text: Gabriella, photos: Helen

It happened in summer, that Helen travelled to Komárom with Réka and as they were there, they visited the Fort Monostor, where to their great surprise, they stumbled upon the collection of oldtimer cars, beside the regular military vehicle exhibition. Fortunately Helen brought her camera, so she could photograph them. If you look up the photo gallery, you will find not just four-wheeled vehicles.
The fortress is worth a visit for itself as well, because during its more than 1.000 years history, it has changed hands many times and different aggressors were beaten off from behind its wall. You can find further information about its history here:

Réka as Miss Daisy's chauffeur :-)

BMP-1 My uncle drove this type at the army
More photos can be find here:

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