Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2012. január 13., péntek

History rolling on four wheels

Text: Gabriella, video: Helen

We start a new column this year which will be about tractors. We try to seek the unique ones in our neighborhood, speak with their owners and to illustrate it with great videos and photos. Let’s see the first, which gave us the idea to the topic.

When we visited my brother last summer, his friend, Gábor was also there with a very interesting vehicle, what was no other but a Dutra UE28 tractor. Helen made a video about it as it starting. The passanger is my brother. :-)

This type is special, because it was the first all-wheel-drived tractor in the world, which was made in standardized production. It was the Red Star Tractor Factory’s merit, even the chief-constructor was rewarded with a Kossuth-prize (high Hungarian state recognition), the construction got several first places at international agricultural exhibitions. Another technical development of it, that the engine was placed in front of the first axis, so the 60% of its overall weight is in front, but with a trailer its weight distribution become 50-50%, thus it could transform the 65-70% of their weight to traction. A good example why this character is so extraordinary: this small tractor with its 28 HP and 2,2 tons could spin out an 80 HP strong, 3,5 tons heavy MTZ on asphalt. It was produced just for a short time, from 1958 to the beginning of the 70’s. Its production was stopped, because it was impossible anymore to keep its price that down artifically – or at least it was the official reason. It tells about this type a lot, that althoug it is from the 60’s, still working, but to tell you the truth, its engine is not the original twin Csepel, but a three-cylinder Zetor. We loved its sound as it is J His current owner bought it in the summer of 2010 and very satisfied. He says that it is perfect for heavy soil work. He even brought it to a Dutra fun club event on its own wheels. By the way: we also plan to visit this kind of events this year ;-)

We would like to thank Gábor the demonstration and the story of the type!