Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2011. július 4., hétfő

The Hungarian paratroopers' new medals

Text: Gabriella, photos: Hungarian Military Parachute Team

Though with some days delay, but I want to report on the Hungarian military paratroopers' new international success. They could climb to the top of the podium (constantly leading from the first round of the contest) at the Parachute World Cup Series latest (accuracy landing) event which was held in Bled, Slovenia. Tamás Bánszki enhanced the team's good reputatation with his 3. place in individual and Roland Olenyik also with his bronze medal in the junior category. Congratulations to the boys, I truly sorry, that I couldn't be the eyewitness of it.
But I would like to make a outside report again about their participation in the Italian round the World Cup Series, mainly because as it seems momently, it will be their last international race in this year. The reason of it is very simple and sad: they will have run out of their budget by then. Their team would really need a strong sponsor to continue it and have more photos like this:

... and like these:

... and sometimes like this :-) :

Gábor Hirschler, János Leszko (band member since the race in Thalgau) and Gábor Kollár in one boat on the Bled lake

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