Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2011. április 12., kedd

Gagarin - first man in the space 50 years ago

We wouldn't have found any better occasion to the introduction of our soon starting space flight related heading, than today's illustrious jubilee. Namely he first man went to the space exactly 50 years ago: Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin. We bow before he (and his colleagues in the mission) with these videos. Now I regret, that i didn't live in the 60s.

The first video presents the space flight itself:

Amazing how tight is his cabin! Nowadays cabins seem a ballroom beside this.

The second video is about the preparation of pilot and machine (they didn't spare either of them) and gives an insight to the Vostok 1 program. No sound, but the film has unique inside camera shots.