Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2011. március 2., szerda

Kecskemét Airshow is the best European airshow

I’ve been already sounding the statement in the title for a long while (OK, I’m a little bit biased), but now the vocational jury backed my opinion.
Namely the European Airshow Council chose last year’s Kecskemét Airshow to the best European airshow, at their annual convention which was held in Brussels in February. It is a big word as there are nearly 100 airshows in Europe beside our national military flight fiesta, and several of them has many decades traditions. The trophy, named after Paul Bowen was taken by Károly Vida retired major from the Hungarian Defense Ministry and Róbert Fekete also retired major in the name of the organizers. Róbert is the main figure of the organizing and the coordination at the venue as a communication officer.

A few years ago, as a civilian volunteer, I could see from inside, how works a machinery like this, when the illustrious date has come. I have to tell you, that every staff member has a big part, that the Kecskemét Airshow’s reputation is growing year by year. From the base commander to the dustmen, everybody does his task without stopping and which is the nicest: with an ear-to-ear smile on their face. Every participant of the event really enjoys being there, even he is a organizer, display pilot or spectator – and it is not an empty PR talk! I guees it also contributes to the high level of the airshow every year and and that the number of the visitors is around 100.000 occasionally.
According to our plans, Robi will tell us more about the process of the organization in the months before the airshow and probably he has many intresting stories. As far as I know, he doesn’t sleep that much even in April :-)
Till then, we would like to congratulate to everyone who was participated in the organizing and arrangement of the 2010 Kecskemét Airshow and wish them loads of energy to create many more airshows like this to the audience. We would awarded them with the public prize too.

The blog’s staff will definitely visit the next Kecskemét Airshow (which will be only next year unforfortunately). Join us, because the unforgettable experience is guaranted!

To get an insight, check our pics of the 2010 Kecskemét Airshow here:

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