Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2009. április 30., csütörtök

Open day at Tata Military Base – Parade of tanks

Text: Gabriella, photos: Helen

I always wanted to see the military base at Tata, what has been the home of the tanks for ages. Their official name is HDF 25th ’György Klapka’ Infantry Brigade. I ’ve seen their armoured vehicles at several military events many times (and I even sat in a BTR-80A), but I haven’t seen them moving before, just in films. When I heard, that there will be an open day at their base, I thought, that this is a en excellent occasion to see in 3D, as these massive vehicles speeding creakingly with stirring dustcloud, while the wind blowing the ears of the soldier’s leather cap, who stands in the cannon tower. (I guess, this reminds many of you to the old Russian tv series: „The four tankmen and the dog”:-) I didn’t take too much time to convince Helen to join me, as she knew, that this would be a good topic for a photographer. So we get on the train on that day and went to Tata.


Otherwise it was a rare occasion, that I become aware of this open day prior to the event and not after as usual. Unfortunately these military programmes are not advertised that much, but if you can get there, there won’t be a huge crowd. I think, that besides us, there was only the relatives and friends of the base crew and some kids from the nearby schools and kindergarten. I had to fight with the latter ones to sit into the T-72 tank, but it worthed it, as I climbed into the gunner’s place. It was funny, because I saw Russian and Hungarian texts too above the switches. The soldier, who was at the tank told me, that the tank crew don’t have to speak Russian anymore, they just simply learn the meaning of the Russian texts.

By the time we had mustered all the exhibited vehicles, the military dog-fight demonstration started. Later the firemen simulated casualty-rescuing from a damaged car and police special forces amazed the public with their hostage-ectrication programme. (Maybe it’s surprising, but none of the kids were frightened by any part of these. OK, I know the television…)


After a short brake, we heard rotor-noise; miltary paratroopers was jumping out from the Mi-24 helicopter which has arrived from Szolnok airbase. The heli has landed, so we could examine it on closer. But the highlight of the day was definitely the very spectacular tank demonstration. I got all the things what I wanted: the caterpillars creaked, the the tanks’ V12 engines roared, the dust floated, the ground shook and the guns rattled. For me, the best point of this demonstration was the BLG-60 bridge-layer vehicle, which is built on a T-55 tank and showed in 3D, why is useful its capability on the battlefield. Here’s my video about it:

It worsened our comfort, that we weren’t dressed perfectly for this event, more precisely, we expected a warmer weather at the end of April, so we were chattered all day in the wind and the 15 degrees. But the sun was shining, we breathed diesel oil-scented fresh air and
our heart was beating strongly, as we watched these big iron monsters. It definitely worthed catching cold. I would like to say thank you for the people at the base for the excellent programme. We will go again, if we informed in time :-)

You can find more photos on this link: