Redbull hangár

Redbull hangár

2010. december 17., péntek

Jakuzzi transportation with helicopter

I was just working in the XII. district yesterday, when I heard a very loud rotor-noise suddenly. At first I thought, that an ambulance helicopter has landed in front of the house, becasuse the sound seemed very close. I didn’t understand it, as if a car accident had happened in the street, the St John hospital is only a stone’s throw away, so an ambulance car could get here in 2 minutes. But there was nothing in the street, however as if the noise (which reminded me to the war movies) would have come from the back garden, what was utterly strange. And when I looked out from the window on the first floor, I saw the following above the back neighbour’s site:

Photo by Gerbis Kerpitchian

When I glimpsed the rope, the question has risen in me: what the hell is lifted out from the garden of the villa, which cannot be solved any other way, just with a helicopter?! It has turned out in a minute:

Photo by Garbis Kerpitchian

I recognized the jacuzzi immediately. (If somebody has another idea what was that carriage, don’t hasitate to share it with me in a comment.) Surprise has appeared on my face and the same happened to the small gruop of spectators who has assembled around me in the meantime. The following comments were heard:
-         Wow! The guy bought a jacuzzi for 1 million HUF and rented a helicopter to put it into his garden for another million!
-         He’s (the pilot) doing it in a very tight place! Amazing!
-         Hopefully he won’t hit the neighburing house with it!
-         It would be awesome, if the jacuzzi would fell down to our garden!
-         Ah, he’s taking it away?!...But where to?
The last question seemed to be replied, because the heli carried away the little pool just by a few meters, and then as if he put it down onto the opposite neighbour’s site. The whole story was only 5 minutes.

Otherwise, if I’m not mistaken, hanging load transportation is an upper level on the military heli pilot training and probably it’s the same on the civil side. I guess, those military helicopter pilots who worked in the flood defense could tell us more about this topic. (I would really appreciate their expert comments.) It must be difficult to place the sandbags in the water, mostly when the wind is blowing.
I saw a special dam building method at the Austrian military airshow last year:

Photo by Gabriella

It can’t be easy to place the tree either if they have some help on the ground.
And it’s even more tricky, when helis participate in firefighting with dipping water from the river with a big half ball shaped device. It’s not easy to dip the water from the running water, and then the heli suddenly jump up when they drop down the water. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos about this process, because when I saw it on a family day at the Szolnok helikopter airbase some years ago, I was so amazed by the spectacle, that I forgot to use my camera. But I have another picture which was took by Helen at the Kecskemét Airshow two years ago, when an Austrian PC-6 presented its firefighting ability.

Photo by Helen

She catched that moment when it dropped down the water. (A quite big water tank can be built into this type, which can be filled up on the ground, even from a fire car). Otherwise this plane doesn’t drop down the water to one point, but can pull a wet pathway, which helps the firemen to go deeper into the forrest.

I think, I went far away from the jacuzzi topic :-)

Garbis: Thanks again for the photos!